Who do you teach?

Our lessons are entirely 1-to-1 but we do offer group workshops to our students as opportunities to network and expand their skills alongside fellow drummers.

Where are you?

We are based in Cradely. All lessons are given on these premises. VERY occasionally we have been known to do home visits but please be aware that  this is very unlikely and lessons will be considerably more expensive.

Is there an age limit?

We only teach children from ages 10+. There is no upper age limit, our oldest student is currently 78 years old!

How often do I have to have lessons?

You can have lessons as often as you like. Even if it’s once a month! We realise that learning to play the drums can be expensive and for that reason we don’t ask that you attend within a certain timescale. However, to see a quicker and steady improvement we recommend that you have 1 lesson a week. This helps your drum tutor keep better track of your progress and correct any bad habits before they settle in.

How much do lessons cost?

Teachers: Dave J Mason / Marcus Allen
1x 1 Hour Lesson: £25
3x 1 Hour Lesson: £70
5x 1 Hour Lesson: £115

Teacher: Andy Edwards
1 Hour Lesson: £35
2 Hour Lesson: £70

Do you give group lessons?

Unfortuantely we don’t. But we do however offer group workshops and practice/development sessions. If you are interested in these please get in touch.

Do I have to take any grades or exams?

No you don’t. We don’t typically tend to work through grades unless you wish to do so. Our main focus is on personal development. We will tackle the issues that are stopping you from progressing with your drumming. However, these issues include usually include such things as reading that you will need to be able to do to work through the grades yourself.

If you would like to work towards a grade in your own time and are struggling, this indicates an issue; something you can’t yet do to the level you need to be able to it. In this instance we would be happy to assist you in tackling that issue.

What equipment do I need?

You will need your own pair of drum sticks. If you don’t own a pair, Zildjian sticks are available for purchase from the tutors themselves for a cost of £10 a pair. A folder to keep your worksheets in is also handy but not essential.

Do I need my own drum kit?

During the lessons all you will need is your sticks/books and any sheets you have been given. The rest of the equipment is provided for you.

For home practice, we understand that buying a drum kit is an expensive venture and you would like to know that you will stick with it after your investment. So contrary to popular belief, no, you don’t need a drum kit to learn the drums. In the early stages a pair of sticks and a practice pad (a thick block of rubber) will suffice. However, we do recommend that if you really feel like drumming is for you and that you wish to progress more efficiently that you look into purchasing a drum kit. There will eventually come a point where it is necessary to either own one or have access to one via a rehearsal room or friend.

Why should I come to you for lessons?

We pride ourselves not only on our flexibility to adapt to every learning situation but also our ability to explain seemingly overwhelming technicalities in simple plain English whilst using relevant examples. As highly knowledgeable and experienced tutors we are 100% focused on your personal development as a drummer. Unlike most conventional instrumental tuition (where you follow a pre-designed course or curriculum) with us you are taught on an individual basis; the skills you learn and develop are aligned with your personal views and goals.

You don’t just get the best drum tutoring in the Birmingham / West Midlands area, thanks to our sponsors you get to learn on some of the best high spec equipment the market has to offer. What sets this apart even more from other conventional drum lessons is that there are two drum kits in the teaching room, not one. This means that you can play along with your tutor and you won’t have to keep getting up off your stool for every demonstration.

You are also welcome to make full use of our dedicated waiting area, complete with leather sofa, games consoles, DVDs, Magazines, drinks and confectionery, all free of charge! Everything has been taken into account to make your learning experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

Take a look at the Drum Lessons page for more information.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes. Loads! Click Here to read up on our added value philosophy.

  • Exclusive discounted purchases of drums and other equipment – up to 25% cheaper than retail.
  • Priority access to all MAD events including workshops, clinics and trips.
  • Third party involvement – from band calls to media involvement & more.
  • Free advice on all drum purchases

Can I get a discount?

Yes! We offer a discount when you purchase a block of 3 or 5 lessons. All MAD students are also entitled to exclusive student only deals from the MAD drum store.

I want to buy a drum kit, where do I start?

Entry level drum kits are very hit and miss so it’s important that you understand the characteristics of a good drum kit. We can offer you free advice on purchasing a drum kit. Have a chat with your drum teacher at your next lesson.

Great! How can I book a lesson?

Easy! Just head to the Book A Lesson page!
Sorry, we are not currently accepting new students. To book with Andy directly... Click Here