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drumming tuition informationSo you’ve probably been thinking about it for a while and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and take up drum lessons in your local area. Great, we salute you!

We cater to people of all ages and abilities.

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I’m a Beginner

I’ve Never Played

beginner drum lessons

No matter what your age it’s easy feel nervous starting drum lessons. Do you have the co-ordination of drunken giraffe on an ice rink? Got “no rhythm”? Perhaps you don’t think you’ll ever be good enough.

Don’t let these false, limiting beliefs hold you back. Everybody has rhythm, it is simply a well refined set of learned movements. Try watching somebody walk down the street and tap along to their footsteps, it’s bang in time! Not a step out of place. Now combine this with a solid understanding of how all the elements of music and drumming interact and you’re there.

During your drum lessons, we will help you progress and overcome your barriers. Say goodbye to nerves and hello to confidence!

There is no “cannot” at MAD, it’s just a process! Simple. As your drum teachers, we can identify issues and develop tailored exercises to help you overcome the problem in a much faster and more efficient way.

We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Just Bought a Drum Kit

Not sure what to do next?

Tuition on your first drum kit

So you’ve just bought a brand spanking new drum kit, cool or what? Unfortunately though, it’s really difficult to get it set up properly isn’t it? You’re probably not too sure where to start or what to do first. All those screws and bolts. How to angle the drums? How tight to screw the cymbals on? How do you even tune the things?

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re a total beginner or have had some previous experience we can help you. Book yourself some drum lessons now and we’ll help you get your drum kit set up properly.

And of course that includes first class drum tuition to get you playing your very first drum beats, fills and songs!

Take up drum lessons. You will learn everything a drummer should know.

I’m Experienced

Looking to brush up?

drum lessons for experiences players

So you have some drumming experience already but you’re stuck in a rut and not sure what to do next? Or maybe no matter how hard you try you just never notice an improvement. Perhaps you just want to see if you could improve at a faster rate or even pass that audition with flying colours.

Whatever your reason for taking up drum lessons, we can help you overcome limiting self beliefs. We will help you break down barriers, simplify things and design specific personalised exercises and routines to help you get better, faster.

You never stop learning. Gain new inspiration and motivation.

Buying a Gift

A great birthday present!

Drum lessons make great gifts. Still considering that cliche box of chocolates? Boring! Or perhaps a couple of DVDs to top off the collection? Well think again!

Many of our longest standing students began their drumming ‘career’ as a result of a voucher for drum lessons. Has your friend / partner talked about how they ‘missed their opportunity’? Have they perhaps mentioned that they had to give up back in the day due to work and family commitments?

Birthdays, anniversaries, christmas… Whatever the celebration, the opportunity to learn an awesomely fun new skill like drumming is bound to go down well. Give them the chance to take up an amazing new hobby that could stay with them for life.

If you’d like to book a drum lessons voucher for a loved one then just head over to our booking form and we’ll talk you through the process step by step!

Drum lesson vouchers make great gifts.

I’m Too Old

Don’t think you’re up to it?

So you think you’re too old for drum lessons? Well we only have one thing to say about that! Nonsense!

Meet Pat, currently our oldest student here at the MAD drum school. Pat is 76 and began his drum lessons with us 2 years ago after he became “bored” in his retirement. Pat took to drumming like a duck to water. In fact he was so absorbed in learning the drums that he went out to buy a drum kit after only 2 drum lessons!

“You’re never too old to start drum lessons. You only live once and if anybody says you can’t do it.. Well b****cks to them!”
Pat’s Advice to you

Language Pat!

Many times over the years since we began the MAD drum school, people have emailed asking us if they are “too old” or “past it”. And every time we refuse to let anybody believe that they can’t learn the drums. The only thing that will stop you is yourself, and if you can overcome that then you’re in for a wild ride!

You’re never too old to take drum lessons and learn new things.

I’m No Good

Don’t think you can do it?

So you don’t think you’re good enough for drum lessons? Well we only have one thing to say about that! Nonsense!

You’d be surprised how many people like you share this fear. There have been times where first time students have walked through the door almost shaking with fear at taking drum lessons for the first time. However, they would all tell you far better than us that it’s really nothing to be worried about.

Sure, it might be pretty nerve wracking to begin with. But we’ll sit down, grab a cuppa and talk everything through. The drumming community is famous for it’s friendliness. You’ll find that not only do your drum teachers truly have your best interests at heart but the other students you meet will support you the whole way!

Remember, you take drum lessons to learn how to get better. If you were a world class, amazing drummer then you wouldn’t be here! If you can’t play drums right now then it’s as simple as this: you’ve never played drums or taken drum lessons before! Of course you can’t do it right now this second. To expect otherwise would be silly!

Our slogan for drum lessons is “Solid Tuition and Plain Good Fun”. It’s our ultimate goal to provide you with the best and the funnest drumming education that money can buy.

Take up drum lessons. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Looks great, right?

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2 Learn From The Professionals

Currently, MAD boasts 3 of the Midland’s finest drum teachers; Andy Edwards, Marcus Allen and Dave J Mason. For your peace of mind we insist that all tutors are CRB checked and safe to work with children.

MAD drum teachers are patient, uniquely resourceful, experienced, knowledgable and highly motivated towards the job. But don’t let us do all the talking. Why not see what real MAD students have to say about taking drum lessons with us?

Drum teachers are Criminal Records Bureau checked for your peace of mind.

Andy Edwards Drum Teacher

Music lover, movie nut and happily married father of 4


Andy Edwards is a drummer who came to prominence as a member of Robert Plant’s Priory of Brion, in which he played from 1999-2001. He was also the drummer with the Ian Parker Band, appearing on the albums Lost and Found and Inside. In 2005 he replaced Paul Cook as the drummer of IQ. He is also a member of Frost*, a progressive group formed by the songwriter/producer Jem Godfrey (Atomic Kitten. Shayne Ward).


Coming soon…


Coming soon…

Andy Edwards has always been ahead of the curve. His influence as a teacher is already transforming the program into a state of the art musical experience for the students and the rest of us!

Mark SchulmanDrummer/Producer/AuthorP!NK, Simple Minds, Billy Idol, Sheryl Crow

Check out Andy’s website at

View his videos on

Dave J Mason Drum Teacher

Drum nut, food lover & self confessed computer nerd


Dave J Mason is a professional drummer and entrepreneur hailing from Bromsgrove in the West Midlands. Becoming a professional drummer at merely 18 years old he is fast making a name for himself in the world of drumming.

He has over 5 years full time teaching experience, drawing inspiration and techniques from such renowned UK mentors as Mal Garrett and Neil Bullock and MAD’s very own Mr Andy Edwards.

His performing credits include Midas, a charting indie/electro band that parted ways in 2008, his current funk/hiphop outfit Cantaloop and even the Official UK Chart #2 and Q Breakthrough Act winner Mr Hudson.


The true mark of any passionate drummer is total inability to stop tapping on things (if you do this, it’s probably a good sign to start drumming!). In true drummer style, Dave’s early days were spent getting told off by parents, teachers, friends and pretty much anybody nearby for relentlessly tapping and banging on things

“Anything that made a noise was prime target for a good rhythm.”

Not long after, his parents recognised his enthusiasm and generously signed him up for lessons with a local teacher. He showed real promise for the instrument from the get go and it was during this that he was introduced to the drumming of Steve Gadd and Billy Cobham; who to this day remain his two biggest inspirations.

Within a mere 3 years of playing he had taken and passed Grade 8; the highest attainable examination level. Soon after, he was accepted onto the music course at the prestigious local college in Kidderminster where he met his long term mentor Andy Edwards.

The two joined forces in 2008 to form the Midland Academy of Drumming; a drum school with one simple principle; to do amazing things for everybody wanting to learn the drums.


Dave is now a busy full time drum teacher, performer and entrepreneur. As founder of the world’s fastest growing drum network the Drummer’s Database among other successful offshoots, his passion for drums, education and uniting the drumming community is bigger than ever.

To date, he has played with Official UK Chart #2 and Q Breakthrough Act winner Mr Hudson and extensively toured the UK gig circuit with top 20 charting indie/rock band Midas during which he played to crowds of over 10,000 people and shared the stage with such acts as FightstarScouting for GirlsElliot MinorThe Levellers, Go:Audio, We are the Ocean, The Mexicolas, Furthest Drive Home and Blakfish.

He now travels the country with his band Cantaloop performing to packed out venues hungry for a head full of heavy funk.

Check out his profile on

View his personal blog & portfolio

Listen to Dave on his
SoundCloud Profile 

Listen to Cantaloop at

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